A little about this site

The first comment I received was from a good friend. It reminded me that I should really introduce myself for any new people that come to the site as well as the site’s purpose.

My name is Joshua. I live in Rhode Island. I’m not going to say exactly where but it is quite a small state. If you are looking to help then I’d be glad to have comments on the posts here. If you have the gift of sharing your faith, encouraging, teaching or the like then maybe I can add you as a user to create posts of your own.

The purpose of this site is the glorification of Jesus Christ and by Him, the One Living God. I hope to eventually have three different main categories.
First, “Passages” that will explore a verse or section of Scripture to properly interpret it (and perhaps apply it but that should be left mostly to the reader).
Second, “Topic” that will evaluate subject matter in light of the Bible’s teaching (no “our culture/society/etc. is SO messed up” type stuff – complaining/grumbling is out, Philippians 2:14-15 NIV, NASB).
Third, “Inspiration” that will offer encouragement or insight as we keep the cross in mind during our daily walk.

And again, feel free to comment on the posts and discussions.