Sanctity of Human Life Week

January 15-22 is Sanctity of Life Week. God blesses us with life (Acts 17:24-25). Our children (Genesis 4:1) and our suffering (Job 2:10) are blessings from God. This is a great time to concentrate your prayers for our country on restoring the sanctity of life.

I will try not to belabor the point but instead encourage you to act and pray. There have been approximately 43 million abortions since Roe v. Wade in 1973. On average a pre-born child is murdered every two minutes.

A second scary thought is about our elderly and mentally handicapped. Deaths like that of Terri Shivo should be unthinkable. No person has the right to allow or assist in the death of another person, or even themselves. To paraphrase a popular movie, many die but deserve life – can you give it to them? We cannot bring someone back to life after they die, so we should not deal death out so haphazardly.

I invite you to spend time this week in prayer and in action to reestablish the sanctity of life.

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