There was evening… Gen. 1:13

“There was evening and there was morning, a third day.” (Genesis 1:13, NASB)

The third day ends. God’s activity on the third day is more diverse than the previous two days. The dry land was brought forth, separated from the sea and both were named. The whole earth then brought forth plant life.

To briefly summarize, the Lord has continued to organize and divide – light from darkness, land from sea, kinds of vegetation, plants and trees. He has also declared three stages “good” at this point (two occur on the third day): the light, the sea and dry land and the vegetation/plant/tree life. We have also explored the power of God’s command: light and vegetation leaped into existence; darkness, the sea and the land were reorganized; and, the expanse was “made”. God continues to set the table so that we may enjoy Him and glorify Him.

In the creation week we see that God humbles Himself, working through our days what He could have done in an instant. He teaches us patience even here.