There was evening… Gen. 1:23

“There was evening and there was morning, a fifth day.” (Genesis 1:23, NASB)

As has become our custom, a summary is due. Not losing sight of the clear readying, we remember that the fifth day also was roughly the same length as today.

A new type of life is created on day five, life in a different sense. This life “moves”. God also blesses it, the first blessing revealed in Scripture. As discussed, the blessing gives the gift of reproduction to the creatures created for the sea and air. It also begins a series of blessings God gives as He completes His work.

The fruitful multiplication of the creatures of day five equates itself with the abundance seen in verse 11 through the Hebrew word for vegetation. We will find later the necessary relationship between the fruitful and abundant.

Lastly, God continues to see “good”, the reflection of Himself in His creation.