Prayer for Church and State

This article brings up several questions but also some answers. Pastor Fields of New Jersey opened the New Jersey senate’s session with a timely but, to some, shocking prayer where he condemned same-sex marriage and used the name of our Lord Jesus. What questions does this raise? Where was Pastor Fields right and noble and where would we not imitate him?

Is there an improper time/place to proclaim the truth of God?
Paul told Timothy to be ready to preach in season and out of season 2 Timothy 4:2. Whether or not the public opinion would approve, Paul told Timothy to preach the gospel. This would hold true for Pastor Fields, especially when the Senate was addressing the subject of same-sex marriage that day. If Pastor Fields had agreed previously to avoid such political statements then this proclamation becomes more difficult. He lied if such an agreement was made. But should the agreement have been made? We should not agree to shape our speech or prayer according to a worldly definition of “tolerance”. This probably would have prevented Pastor Fields from praying, so be it.

Should we endeavor to make our prayers “non-specific” when Satanists are present?
There is certainly no provision to water-down either our gospel or the revelation of God due to the company we are in. I see no reason why Pastor Fields should have changed his prayer so that the name of Jesus Christ would not offend.

Is there a “spirit” of same-sex marriage? And if so, should we be cursing it?
The occasions in the Bible where there is a “spirit of” a sin are rare. Acts 16:16 mentions the spirit of divination. There is a spirit of slavery (Romans 8:15) and spirit of stupor (Romans 11:8), the spirit of the world (1 Corinthians 2:12), spirit of the antichrist (1 John 4:3), spirit of error (1 John 4:6). The spirit of whoredom occurs in Hosea 4:12 & 5:4, concerning the seeking of idols instead of the true God but not sexual sin. Sexual immorality is a sin of the person (1 Corinthians 6:18). I did not find anywhere referencing a spirit of sexual immorality. If there were though, there is also strong objection to cursing in general but also the cursing of the “glorious ones” (Jude 8,9). I think it is clear at that point that we do not want to be cursing any spirits, angels or fallen angels.