Psalm 136 – a series, 2

Again, the greatest thing you’ll read during this series in Psalm 136. Please review it again before continuing.

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The Psalmist reminds us of God’s steadfast love enduring forever. In fact, if you observed in the last reflection, I did not address the word “for” that occurs before each iteration of “His steadfast love endures forever”. The word “for” is like saying “because”. So God’s steadfast love enduring forever is the reason for something. What is it the reason for?

The Psalm begins “Give thanks to the Lord”. We give thanks, abundant thanks, ultimately because God’s steadfast love endures forever (v. 1-22). God is set in right perspective three times, enabling us to further understand who exactly we are thanking. We are giving thanks to the immutable God because He is good and His steadfast love endures forever (v.1). God’s goodness is extremely important to us and all creation. God is morally upright. His goodness impacts each of His other attributes such that nothing He does is wrong or evil. It is also important that He is the LORD, the changeless one, so that He will always be good in all His actions.

The Lord is referred to as the “God of gods” (v.2). Jesus uses this language in John 10:34 to refer back to Psalm 82:6. Jesus refers the Jews to their own law to show them that in Psalm 82, God uses the word “gods” to refer to those chosen as judges over Israel even though they judged poorly. Jesus refers to Himself in comparison to these wicked judges. Jesus has done right, never sinning, and is therefore infinitely more deserving than those men to be called God. When God refers to Himself as “God of gods” in Psalm 136:2, He asserts that He is the highest judge, the judge of all.

Thirdly, God refers to Himself as “Lord of lords”. This is not the same for for LORD used earlier in verse 1. The word Lord is used for a ruler. God is the ruler, the Lord. He rules over all of creation. Over all the lords, rulers, presidents, congressmen, dictators, God rules over them all (Romans 13:1). For this we should be thankful to God. In it He shows His steadfast love that endures forever.