Psalm 136 – a series, 5

Again, be patient with me, please read Psalm 136 before continuing. It is found here.

The previous (fourth) reflection can be found here.

In the section spanning verses 16 to 22 God continues to detail His work in the deliverance of Israel and the establishment of their kingdom. God removed kings by killing them. He names specific kings that were removed. These bring to mind the specific accounts where Israel was obedient to God in the removal of those kings and kingdoms (Numbers 21:21-35). The Amorites were judged by God to be completely eliminated. God not only made this just decision but carried it out through Israel’s strict obedience. Each of these actions cleared a land for His chosen people to populate. God worked to complete a heritage for Israel, His servant.

The LORD shows His sovereignty and justice against those who have completed their iniquity (Genesis 15:16). He also shows His love to His people Israel. His love is shown by using them for His purpose. He also shows it by providing for them. God loves again in promising to hold His part of the covenant by continually passing the land to His people as a heritage. The promise to give the land as a heritage and fulfilling His promise shows God’s “steadfast love”. These are each reasons we should continually, even today, thank God.