Psalm 136 – a series, 6

Once again, I encourage you to read Psalm 136 here.

The previous reflection, the fifth, is here.

You may remember back to where I stated that through verse 22 was a list of thanksgiving for the LORD God’s work concerning Israel’s salvation from Egypt and unto the promised land. In the section from verse 23 to the end we have a new aspect. Instead of a list for thanksgiving, we are now directed to God’s remembrance (v. 23), rescue (v. 24) and provision (v. 25). We are also shifted from a reading of Israel’s history to a reading of Israel’s then-present circumstance – “remembered us” and “rescued us”.

The steadfast love of God is shown to still be enduring. God is working at the time the Psalm is written. God still remembers His people. God still rescues His people. God still provides for His people. Why does God continue in this way? Because God is a God of steadfast love that endures forever. The Psalmist writes to a people returning from the dispersion of Israel. He reminds them that their great God is still good, the God of gods and Lord of lords. He continues in His steadfast love. He shows it by again working for them all the great things He first did to deliver His people from Israel.

In the closing verse, verse 26, thanksgiving is brought to culmination. The One God who rules all from heaven continues in His abundant love for His people, constantly remembering them, rescuing them and providing for them. This sequence of steadfast love finds its greatest fulfillment in the cross of Jesus Christ – remembering us sinners, rescuing us from hell and providing for us now and throughout eternity. For this He deserves forever our greatest thanks!

“Give thanks to the God of heaven,
for his steadfast love endures forever.”