Book Review – “According to Plan” by Graeme Goldsworthy

I read this for my Systematic Theology I class during Spring semester. Mostly, I’d like to recommend it for everyone, especially non-theologians.

This book is great for everyone who wants to know how the Bible fits together, centered around Jesus Christ. The closing couple chapters could be improved by showing more specifically how Jesus’ life and teaching fulfills the themes that are built up through the book but overall a great and worthwhile read.

I recommend it specifically for the every-week church-goer because of how many people are losing sight of the purpose and focus of the Bible. Reading the Bible can become a segmented phenomenon, a compilation of stories based around the theme of moral goodness. The Bible is so much better than that! By centering your reading of the Bible around Jesus Christ and recognizing the themes that Goldsworthy highlights (along with others), you can greatly improve your knowledge of God and what He’s doing, and thus increase your love for Him, His plan to glorify Himself and your participation in it.