Morality of Dreams

Are we morally accountable for what we dream about? I’m pondering whether we are.

I don’t think there is specific mention of this in the Bible but I thought it would be good to ponder. I’ve had dreams where I’ve done some extremely gruesome things. I’ve also had dreams, one last night, where I shared the gospel with someone (the fact that I continued once they appeared to be an extension cord is unimportant).

I doubt a murder in a dream would be accounted as a real murder. But a murder you commit in a dream (dreaming that you yourself do it) is a thought of anger, which according to Matthew 5 makes you guilty of disobedience to the sixth commandment.

I bring this up because I have had an overwhelming feeling in dreams of being able to decide between doing something and not doing it. I’ve made decisions not to sin in dreams. If these were actual decisions then either I’ve found a place to enjoy sin or I’ve found another place to be cautious against sinning. My pondering: to the degree that I’m willing to sin in a dream is the degree to which I’m guilty of sinning in a dream; and the degree to which I willingly share the gospel in a dream is the degree to which I worship God by doing so.

Thoughts? Ideas? Other passages?