God’s name and remembrance

In the path of your judgments,
O LORD, we wait for you;
your name and remembrance
are the desire of our soul. (Isaiah 26:8)

I’m often surprised at the motivation of Christians. Either they don’t think it matters, haven’t considered it or, like me, struggle violently with it.

Isaiah presents, simply, our proper motivation. First he tells us to wait for the LORD. Our waiting should be in the path of His judgments. At first this doesn’t seem to be the best place to be. But Christian, consider where you are. You are fully covered by Jesus Christ. Where but in the path of God’s judgment could you glorify Him more? Being fully covered by Christ, the justice of God is vindicated and the worth of Christ shows piercingly when the judgment of God falls and yet we remain unscathed because of Christ. Second he tells us that our desire for the name of LORD should be paramount. All our actions should be consumed in desire to make known who the LORD is in us and to us. Third Isaiah tells us that our remembrance of the LORD should equally consume the desire of our soul. When was the last time we were broken over how little time we spend with the LORD each day? Prayer, Bible reading, study, meditation, service, missions, spiritual gifts, even down to devoting the brushing of our teeth to the name of the LORD and our remembrance of Him, these things are almost completely unpracticed in my life and in your life. I spend more time thinking about cartoons and energy drinks than I do about God.

How great and sufficient is our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to save us from such a miserable waste of life! Let us remember Him, praising His name and waiting for His coming.