Sick for God

Most of the people who know me have come across the fact that I’m rarely ever sick. I had perfect attendance through all of school until college. I was only sick during vacations or holidays. Out of 5 years of work, I took 1.5 sick days.

So yesterday, when I was suddenly extremely fatigued, light-headed, and my joints ached, I was not sure what happened. As I walked back to my car after work I found it much easier to pray, depend on God and trust in Him because of the fatigue and extra weight I seemed to be carrying. I prayed that I would be in that condition more frequently, sick even, because of the renewed sense of dependence on my heavenly Father and His gift given through Jesus Christ.

The sickness didn’t last. It’s just about gone now. But I think it was a great lesson that my life should be lived like that, almost as if I was always sick, sick with (and of) sin – constantly keeping in mind that God “Himself gives to all mankind life and breath and everything” (Acts 17:25).