Review: 2008 National Founders Conference audio

Founders Ministries“Lengthening the Cords and Strengthening the Stakes: Renewing and Planting Local Churches” was the 2008 National Founders Conference title.

As their logo says, Founders is committed to Historic Baptist Principles. During their conferences they highlight those priniciples with solid biblical teaching. That proves true again in this conference. As I listened to it I kept thinking of people that I wanted to give it to.

There are nine parts to the conference. There is slightly more emphasis on church planting than church renewal/reform. Most of the presentations are exceptional. As with any conference, there are a few things that over extend themselves enough to be questionable. But as with any good conference. The encouragement, instruction and direction far outweigh what might be questionable.

Ed Stetzer gives the two main addresses, Lengthening the Cords and Strengthening the Stakes.  He arrouses the need for church planting, especially among those who can propagate sound teaching. Although his sections are the ones I tended to think streched Scripture too far, He still proves that much more focus on church planting is needed in churches today.

Voddie Baucham focuses on Building a Solid Doctrinal Foundation. As much as we can separate the church planting section of this conference from the church reform part, Baucham’s lecture is heart of the church planting section.

Andy Davis’ and Don Whitney’s presentations are the highlights of the conference. They give practical, insightful, experiential application of God’s word. They focus on the reform of the church which easily translates into new church planting as well. These three messages are the reason I recommend this conference so highly.

Audio for “Lengthening the Cords and Strengthening the Stakes: Renewing and Planting Local Churches” is on the 2008 National Founders Conference title webpage.