who asked that her name be withheld

I read an article today, “Family planning may suffer as economy declines“. The title sounds promising. The details are a bit disturbing.

I did find some encouragement in two small phrases made about women commenting on their recent abortions, “who asked that her name be withheld” and “who asked that her name not be published because some family members do not know she ended a pregnancy”. There may still be an understanding that abortion is evil.

Some context of one almost extinguishes that hope though, “‘It [stinks][1] that it comes down to money,’ said the woman, who asked that her name be withheld. ‘But if we can’t even support ourselves, it wouldn’t be good for a baby.’” Do you think she noticed that she just said it would be better for the baby to die than the baby, parents, or siblings to be hungry?

I praise God for using all sorts of means to reduce the abortion rate. And I praise him that there is that still small glimmer of God’s image in our children that refuses to be extinguished. But where will we be in 5 years if we continue to see things as “it’s better for others to die, that I may not suffer want”? And how are Christians any different? Adoption anyone? How about supporting some of the right to life clinics, like Central Illinois Right To Life Inc. which is mentioned in the article? What about teaching our children that marriage is sacred so we see a reduction in unmarried sex?

[1] – the [stinks] was in the original, aparently not wanting to offend anyone with “bad” language.