Philippians Study: Introduction 2

Studying PhilippiansThis study was originally planned to go a little faster. But we had our first child last Saturday (5/9) so that, rightly, delayed it a bit.

For this one I’d like to go through Acts 16 to get the background of Paul’s founding of the church at Philippi.

Acts 16:1-3. Luke tells of Timothy joining Paul on his missionary journey. This is important because Paul begins the letter to the Philippians with, “Paul and Timothy,” which is unusual for Paul. But this church did know Timothy. And as we will see, Paul is eager to keep good examples before the the Philippians, including Christ, himself, Timothy, and Epaphroditus (2:1-2, 19-22, 29, 3:15).

How are we making good use of examples? As we read through Philippians we will come across many topics/themes, characters, and instructions. The most important will be Christ. Great insight is given to help us see Christ. We should use that to better follow his example. Then, as Paul presents other examples, we should compare their actions with Scripture and resolve to follow them as far as they follow the Scripture. So to apply this, who are your examples? How well do you know the Christ of the Bible? Are you being mentored by someone who you are convinced is following hard after Christ so that you can follow them as well (1 Corinthians 11:1)?