Here we go again…

Well, much as the Christian life is constant re-dedication, so it is here.

I’m going to again try to post more frequently. I recently read ‘6 Readsons Pastors Should Blog‘. Since I’m in seminary to be a pastor… why not practice?

You may notice I’ve pulled over my previous blog entries from and They’re now on this site too. I haven’t checked them so let me know if there’s any problem with them.

Once again, the goal is the same as one of points of the Reformation: there is no secular. So I hope to update more with what’s going on in my life and try to be less demanding on myself concerning some illusive ‘theological brilliance’ that I’m occasionally convinced, for a short time, that I posses. Also, I’m going to shoot for more pictures. And if nothing else I can post about my work at the seminary updating websites and such.

Until later, take a look at the article above. Think you could get your pastor to blog? Or maybe you should start a journal (under Simplifying and Your Journal, titled ‘Probe Your Soul With Questions’).