New Year Bible Reading

It’s time to prepare for next year’s Bible reading. Almost two years ago I wrote about reading through the Bible but it seems last year I forgot to write. This year I wanted to get a head start so you can start looking for good plans to go by. For 2009 I bought a yearly Bible which was organized according to date (Chronological Bible). It was good because it kept the pace for me. I knew where I should be because each reading is dated. I didn’t like the Bible for two reasons through. It seemed to combine similar texts into one reading. It also made an attempt to consolidate the Gospels but I decided I don’t like any attempt to do that. They’re divinely inspired to be separate and no one has been divinely inspired to unite them.

All that said I think I’m going with the M’Cheyne Bible reading this year. Done right you read through the whole Old Testament and read through Psalms again while reading the whole New Testament Twice. Another advantage is that you read both Old and New Testament readings each day. I think this is a lot better than reading straight through which forces you to wait until October to read the New Testament and then finish it in under three months.

Here’s the M’Cheyne plan I’m reading through this year:
Just scroll down to “More Information” and under that “Excerpt” which has the plan in download format (PDF). The only addition I’ll be making to it is to copy the dates into my Bible so I don’t have to keep track of another sheet of paper with check marks, Bible passages, and notes all over it.