Exodus Series: Introduction 2

In the last post I mentioned further outlines. Here are the three outlines that each bring out something different about Exodus. The first is from Stuart’s NAC on Exodus. The second and third are from my Old Testament class last semester with Dr. Jim Hamilton.

Outline 1: According to Exodus 3:11-12

  1. God’s rescue and bringing His people to Sinai (1-19)
  2. God makes a covenant with them while at Sinai (20-40)

Outline 2: By Location

  1. Egypt (1-12)
  2. Egypt to Sinai journey (13-18)
  3. Sinai (19-40)

Outline 3: In Detail

  1. The collective seed multiplies and is opposed in Egypt (1)
  2. An individual seed: Moses (2)
  3. The call of Moses (3-4)
  4. Ten plagues and Exodus (5-12)
  5. Consecration of the first born (13)
  6. The Red Sea (14)
  7. The Song of Moses (15)
  8. Yahweh provides bread and water (16-17)
  9. Jethro’s advice (18)
  10. Sinai and its laws (19-24)
  11. Tabernacle (25-31)
  12. Golden calf and Covenant renewal (32-34)
  13. Tabernacle (35-40)

Briefly, outline 1 organizes the whole of Exodus into two parts. When God initially tells Moses to go tell Pharaoh to “Let My people go,” God tells him that he will know that God has sent him because he will end up back on the mountain of God serving God (3:11-12). So the whole book is broken into: 1) Moses carrying out God’s directions to get the people to Sinai; 2) the people serving God at Sinai.

The second outline emphasizes the amount of time (in chapters) spent in each location. Their salvation from Israel was spectacular but short. Then they move quickly through the wilderness with a few interesting snares along the way. Finally they spend the majority of the book serving at Sinai.

The third outline is a brief summary by chapter. We had to memorize it for my Old Testament class. It will give you a good structure to see some of the important relationships between events. One thing that might not make sense initially is point 1 and point 2 of this outline. The mention of seed may not be clear. When the gospel was first preached it was preached by God (!) in Genesis 3:15. God divides the world into two categories, seed of the serpent and seed of the woman. The seed of the serpent is opposed to God and the seed of the woman is for God. The fulfillment of the seed of the woman is our Lord Jesus but God selects the nation of Israel to be a figure of Jesus. The seed of the serpent are all those opposed to God. So in the first point of the outline we see a connection of Israel as the seed of the woman growing but also being oppressed by the seed of the serpent, Pharaoh and Egypt. In the second point the seed of the woman is personally figured as Moses who God uses to do things similar to what Jesus Christ would do perfectly after him. After preaching the gospel first to Adam and Eve, God continues to preach it, and here He does so through the nation of Israel and more specifically through Moses, making it more and more clear.