Noah, the movie summarized by Dr. Mohler

tl;dr: Dr. Mohler encourages us to know the Bible better, know Christ throughout the Bible better, and spread the message of God’s story that He might bring His sinful image-bearers to Himself by grace through faith in Christ alone.

Dr. Mohler published a movie review of “Noah” today. There are two insightful quotes I’ll draw out. Beyond that I’ll encourage you to read the whole thing.

There is both the helpful and the harmful in the movie. Mostly the point of God’s saving grace is horribly distorted. It should be a picture of Christ saving sinners from the just judgment of God against His enemies.

The movie is not without its brilliance and moments of penetrating insight. But it gets the story line wrong, indulges in eccentric exaggeration, and distorts the character of both Noah and God. That is what surprised me. I expected to be irritated by the movie – but I found myself grieved.

But we should not grow dull in telling the story of Christ as it appears in every part of the Bible.

Perhaps the main lesson Christians are to learn from this movie is that if we do not tell the story, others will.

The most disturbing part of “Noah” that Dr. Mohler mentioned is the presence of the Noah’s arch rival (in the movie), Tubal-cain as being on the boat. The ark is a picture of Jesus Christ saving His people from the just judgment of God against sinful, unrepentant humanity. To put Tubal-cain on the boat is a denial of that.