Crazy, Radical Insanity

A friend of mine is diligently encouraging me to read Insanity of God (more on the poor title choice, probably by the publisher, in my P.P.S. below). And I’m looking forward to doing so. When he described his reading of it, he told me his dad read it too. And just like his dad said after reading Crazy Love  and Radical he said, basically, “now what?”

That is exactly where my wife and I were after reading the books Crazy Love and Radical. The books were excellent but they were missing something. They needed a whole chapter on steps from retarded to radical or from constrained to crazy. So I’d like to answer some of that “now what?” in this post.

Radical reasoning – zealously mark out your priorities – life priorities (God, spouse, family, church, friends, neighbors, enemies); daily and monthly priorities (how are you going to invest in those life/relational priorities); personal priorities (Biblical knowledge, family role, evangelism, love of neighbor)

Crazy compared to your comrades – Christians should have a love that they live out in such a way to distinguish them from those who are not Christians. At the same time there is nothing radical or crazy about living out the Christian life. The Christian life should only be described that way when we’re compared to unbelievers. Among believers all these things should be normal, run of the mill, day-to-day life.

P.S. I’m not providing an excuse for anyone to neglect God’s call on them to be a missionary. If God is calling you to be a missionary and you don’t go because of this post, you didn’t read this close enough.

P.P.S. We should always be diligent as to how we describe God. Having not read the book yet, I can’t be sure it doesn’t put some redefinition on the word insanity but according to the dictionary definition God is not mentally ill, mad, extremely foolish or irrational. God is our definition of what it means to be mentally sound, lucid and rational. To describe God as insane is about as reverent as describing the meeting of heaven and earth as sloppy instead of unforeseen.

P.P.P.S. Yeah, it’s been a long time. I’m getting back in the swing, maybe.