Kingdom vs. Fandom

Have you heard of Fandom yet? It describes a group that is devoted to a person or idea or character but uses their collective group power to direct the future of that person or object. A fandom of a particular show might dictate how the show’s last episode resolves.

The problem is that this is exactly anti-Biblical. The One to whom we are devoted has authority over us. It is not us who should dictate our desire for the future. But often we inject ourselves into the Bible, forcing our views on it or ignoring it. We forget to watch and pray. We forget to question why things are done the way they are and what the original purpose was.

Isn’t Fandom just congregationalism? No, is congregational church the highest authority is Jesus Christ. So what Jesus says in the Bible, the entire Bible, is His command to us. We should obey. And as we are obeying God, not ourselves, this is not a Fandom because we never gain authority over him, only each other.