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Crazy, Radical Insanity

A friend of mine is diligently encouraging me to read Insanity of God (more on the poor title choice, probably by the publisher, in my P.P.S. below). And I’m looking forward to doing so. When he described his reading of it, he told me his dad read it too. And just like his dad said after reading Crazy Love  and Radical he said, basically, “now what?”

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1 & 2 Corinthians: Timeout

Well my friends, I’m taking a break. If you’re checking back here for First and Second Corinthians with Explore the Bible there won’t be posts. It would be a great time to hear from you or answer a few questions through email though. The About page has my contact information. I’m preparing for a summer class at Seminary. That will be taking most of the time I have for posting these.

For a different purpose I’ve answered questions about 1 Corinthians before: 2:9-10, 16 and 3:14.

New Year Bible Reading

It’s time to prepare for next year’s Bible reading. Almost two years ago I wrote about reading through the Bible but it seems last year I forgot to write. This year I wanted to get a head start so you can start looking for good plans to go by. For 2009 I bought a yearly Bible which was organized according to date (Chronological Bible). It was good because it kept the pace for me. I knew where I should be because each reading is dated. I didn’t like the Bible for two reasons through. It seemed to combine similar texts into one reading. It also made an attempt to consolidate the Gospels but I decided I don’t like any attempt to do that. They’re divinely inspired to be separate and no one has been divinely inspired to unite them.

All that said I think I’m going with the M’Cheyne Bible reading this year. Done right you read through the whole Old Testament and read through Psalms again while reading the whole New Testament Twice. Another advantage is that you read both Old and New Testament readings each day. I think this is a lot better than reading straight through which forces you to wait until October to read the New Testament and then finish it in under three months.

Here’s the M’Cheyne plan I’m reading through this year:
Just scroll down to “More Information” and under that “Excerpt” which has the plan in download format (PDF). The only addition I’ll be making to it is to copy the dates into my Bible so I don’t have to keep track of another sheet of paper with check marks, Bible passages, and notes all over it.

Now or Lastingly?

There is a great section in Pilgrim’s Progress by John Bunyan where the Interpreter shows Christian two children (whose names I forget). The one child will have all good things now. The other child will wait for their good things. The Interpreter explains that it is better to wait because first must give place to last and the things that come first will end but those that come last will be there lastingly.

In our Christian lives we must remember that it has been granted to us to suffer now but have our rich inheritance when Jesus Christ returns. With that in mind persevere and find yourselves in these kids:


For more on the test see this video:–w&NR=1

Here we go again…

Well, much as the Christian life is constant re-dedication, so it is here.

I’m going to again try to post more frequently. I recently read ‘6 Readsons Pastors Should Blog‘. Since I’m in seminary to be a pastor… why not practice?

You may notice I’ve pulled over my previous blog entries from and They’re now on this site too. I haven’t checked them so let me know if there’s any problem with them.

Once again, the goal is the same as one of points of the Reformation: there is no secular. So I hope to update more with what’s going on in my life and try to be less demanding on myself concerning some illusive ‘theological brilliance’ that I’m occasionally convinced, for a short time, that I posses. Also, I’m going to shoot for more pictures. And if nothing else I can post about my work at the seminary updating websites and such.

Until later, take a look at the article above. Think you could get your pastor to blog? Or maybe you should start a journal (under Simplifying and Your Journal, titled ‘Probe Your Soul With Questions’).

Dr. Mohler reviews “The Shack”

A sad witness to our theological shallowness - "The Shack"
A witness to the "church's" theological shallowness and unbelief - "The Shack"

On his May 1st radio broadcast Dr. Mohler rebroadcast again an address on the book The Shack. I had heard that it was heretical but I didn’t know how. It seems denying the wrath of God and any form of subordination (even our subordination to God) are just two of the false teachings it propagates.

I would encourage you to listen to the show (the original broadcast) or yesterday’s MP3

Correcting the Tongue

A Few Cups and Plates to CleanYesterday in my Christian Preaching class we had someone preach on James 3:1-2. The sermon was good. There was only part that I wondered about. Later another student brought it up and desired to know more of it. It concerned the section of “But if anyone does not stumble in what he says, he is a perfect man”. It seemed the preacher and my fellow student both took this to mean that we should strive not to stumble in what we say which will then align our hearts.

I’ve been thinking about this and doubting that it is correct. Is James’ instruction really for us to clean the outside of the cup and plate as a means to clean the inside? Unless I misunderstand the context, Jesus says just the opposite in Matthew 23:25-26,

Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! For you clean the outside of the cup and the plate, but inside they are full of greed and self-indulgence. You blind Pharisee! First clean the inside of the cup and the plate, that the outside also may be clean.

We begin with prayer that the Holy Spirit would work in us and faith that Jesus is giving us grace to refine our hearts and as the inside is cleaned we will later see the outside become more clean. In James the tongue is an indicator of the condition of the soul.

A First, again

My wife and IThis is my third blog. It’s going to be much more, hopefully, of what I think, find, learn, etc. Live by the Cross is also mine but I’m trying to keep it more of a Biblical reflection. This will be more journaling or sorting of thoughts. There will be occasional cross-over as I hope my faith in Jesus Christ influences every part of my life.

Here is a picture of my wife and I. We’ve been married almost two whole years now. We have our first child on the way. We’re very excited. God is so good to us.