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Newsweek – what your congregation is reading

I just read a great post by Dr. Mohler on “Turning the Bible on its Head — Newsweek Goes for Gay Marriage

Some of the great points he makes are

  1. the willingness of people to stand in judgment over the Bible (thus proving that they do not consider the Bible revelation from God but something they can decide upon)
  2. “It is not a thin extreme of fundamentalist Christians who stand opposed to same-sex marriage — it is the vast majority of Christian churches and denominations worldwide.” – She tries to divide Christians, making them think they are only a few, and a stupid few at that.
  3. Newsweek has positioned itself as a pro-homosexual publication which does not choose to publish opposing or balanced arguments (as one might imagine a news institution to do.

I hope you’re able to read both the Newsweek article and Dr. Mohler’s article to confront those who may begin to doubt their faith and their Bible because of such anti-Christian articles.